Junior Department

Their Job

The purpose of the junior department is to provide young members, interested in possibly becoming a part of the fire service, a chance to help within the department, and learn about the career. (Be it full or part time)

Junior members are expected to participate in the departments fundraising events, work sessions, training's, and are permitted to respond to fire calls. When they respond to a fire call, they are permitted to HELP direct traffic or deliver required tools to the scene, if determined safe to do so by the officer in charge. They do have turnout gear, (which for safety, is a different color than the fire departments), that they are required to wear at all fire calls and training's.

They hold their own meetings, which are geared to prepare them for the manner in which the regular department meetings are held. (meetings are overseen by the advisors from the regular dept., and a report of the junior dept. is read at all regular fire dept. meetings) They are responsible for a savings account which they fund by holding their own fundraiser's on occasion. Fundraiser earnings are used to purchase turnout gear for junior members when they move to the regular department. They also will purchase equipment for the regular department or equipment for themselves from time to time, such as boots, gloves, etc.

At this time the junior departments roster carries 9 members, and usually fluctuates between 5 and 10 members. The organization has quite a history, and has produced many members to the regular department. Currently there are 8 members of the regular department that have come up through our junior program. With the amount of training and hands on learning they have received, while participating in the junior department, junior graduates are a huge plus to the fire department.

Junior members reaching the age of 18, and receiving a diploma or equivalent, are put at the top of the departments applicant waiting list. Outside applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma to apply for department membership at this time.

Any questions about the Green Springs Volunteer Fire Jr. Department can be sent via our Contact Us page with. "Att: Jr. Advisor", in the subject in sending E-mail or on the envelope if sending snail-mail.


Back in 1974, the Green Springs Fire Department realized they had a number of the firemen's sons between the ages of 14-18 and decided it would be a good idea to organize them into a Junior Fire Department. Since that time there have been many firemen's sons and daughters, as well as other young adults from around the community that have become part of the Junior Fire Department. Membership has ranged from as many as 14, to as few as 1, with many different advisors throughout the years. Denver Sours was the first advisor and a real promoter in the department to get it started.

Their activities over the years have been training sessions with the regulars on the department, as well as helping out on fires during the day when the department is short-handed. Their primary responsibilities are to assist the department in pulling hose and cleaning up after a fire. On accident scenes, they direct traffic, and maybe help land Life-Flight.

Other activities include money-making fundraiser's from picking up trash, go-kart races, and car washes. They also help out the regular department on all their fundraiser's. Many of the Juniors have gone on to be regular Firemen on the Department.