"For immediate assistance with a life or property threatening situation "DIAL 911!"
Lets Congratulate Our Newest Members Nate Montgomery and Joe Sampsel! Both of these young men were both active as junior firefighters and were voted onto our active roster on probation at our May 24th, 2021 meeting.

Green Springs Fire & Rescue traces its roots back to 1878 under the name Washington Fire Co. of Green Springs. Our greatest resource, by far, is the dedicated 22 Volunteer Fire members that make up the department. Of the 22 members there are 3 First Responders and 1 Medic. The department delivers fire, emergency medical, rescue, and hazardous materials services from two fire stations. Our dedicated members are committed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to providing high quality emergency response to any man-made or natural disaster that may pose a threat to our community. Being a "Volunteer Firefighter" is self rewarding, as well as knowing that you're helping out family and friends in a time of need. We are there for them providing a familiar face and a calming and reassuring spirit to those in need whether it's at the scene of an accident or a fire. Our members have much to be proud of and are glad that you have decided to stop by and visit our website. Through these web pages we hope to provide general information about our department and provide our citizens with useful and informative fire safety education and general safety tips. We are dedicated to providing your family with necessary knowledge to help protect them from fire emergencies. The Green Springs Volunteer Fire Department members are glad to assist you with any questions. For NON-EMERGENCY questions or requests call (419) 639-2222.